Vendor Applications

Gemz and Boardz- Round 3 Vendors 2023
Are you interested in being a vendor at our shop? We are expanding and opening up our shelves to more vendors. Giving others and opportunity to show case and sell their work! 
You will have an entire shelf. You will be responsible for the following:
  • You will set up your shelf 
  • You will be responsible for making sure each item is priced prior to bringing them.
  • You will also be REQUIRED to submit a spreadsheet with your inventory prior to bringing items in.
  • You will be responsible for bringing any displays for your items that fit the given area, as well as signage with your business name.
  • Inventory must not exceed $500 at a time.
Vendors are encouraged to come check up on their items.
You are welcome to come pick up items, replace and add/change sales to your items. As long as it does not exceed the $500 limit, along with an update to the spreadsheet to acknowledge what we have of yours in our inventory.
We will only be providing a space for you. 
This space size is about
24 inches in length
12 inches in height
11 inches in width
We will be advertising for you by posting on our social medias. Your items will also be posted on our website along with your name. 
You are strongly encouraged to promote your self being in our location as well.  
If you are interested please complete application below:
The Monthly Vendor fee is $50 per Month, due the 1st of every month.
If you agree to be a vendor here, it must be for at least three months. Agreement will be on a three month basis. You will have a chance to decide to renew or not renew on our agreement on your space. Please contact us and let us know by the middle of the 2nd month if you will be renewing your rental space again, or if you plan to release that space for another vendor to use.
Sales are not guaranteed, but prior vendors have made up to $150 a month or more. This is where setting up an unique shelf space and product can help people gravitate to your items.
Click Link below to apply:


Thank you