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Gemz and Boardz was featured as the 2nd Best Rock Shops in Chicago, showcasing the high quality and uniqueness of the crystals offered.
The business takes pride in its ability to onboard over 45 vendors in less than a year, a testament to the trust and reputation it has built in the industry.
With a strong focus on providing exceptional customer experiences, Gemz and Boardz aims to continue its journey of success and be recognized as a leading destination for individuals seeking crystals, skateboards, and a holistic cafe experience in the vibrant city of Chicago.

What We Do

Leslie and Alberto are remodeling their crystal & skateboard shop to add a cafe!

Gemz and Boardz, located in Chicago, is a crystal and skateboard shop that specializes in providing high-quality crystals, skateboards, and a cozy experience for their customers. They offer a wide range of beautiful crystals, gemstones, skateboards, and related accessories. The business aims to cater to individuals who have an interest in both spirituality and extreme sports. Customers choose to buy from Gemz and Boardz because of the unique combination of products and services offered, allowing them to explore their spiritual interests while also indulging in their passion for skateboarding.


Use of Funds Raised

Gemz and Boardz plans to allocate funds toward the following items: cafe construction, retail space construction, an architect, plumbing, and inventory. These purchases will significantly improve the business by expanding the store's offerings and creating a more inviting atmosphere for customers. The cafe construction will allow Gemz and Boardz to introduce a cafe section, attracting more customers and increasing the duration of their visits. The retail construction will provide additional space for showcasing an extended range of crystals and skateboards, satisfying the diverse preferences of customers. Investing in skilled professionals like architects and plumbers will ensure efficient operations and enhance customer service quality. Overall, these purchases will elevate Gemz and Boardz's business, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.