About Us

How did  you start Gemz and Boardz? This is a question we get asked a lot since skateboards and gems in one store hasn't been seen before. Well, it all  started with an idea. 

Leslie had set up her online clothing store in 2019 but due to her full time accounting job she didn't have time to pursue it, so it just sat there for months. Then one day, Alberto and Leslie were talking and Alberto suggested they rename the store and change the vision. Ideas flew into their minds and they came up with Crystals since Leslie was beginning her journey with them.  Alberto  came up with Skateboards since he used to skateboard a lot when he was younger. Then the name Gemz and Boardz came up representing gems and skateboards. Right after coming up with the store name, Leslie drove by a "for rent" sign and she knew it was meant to be. They had found a place for their shop. Although they didn't have a lot of capital to start, they used some of their savings and the money earning from their full time jobs. "We face challenges every day and had to make a lot of sacrifices but we chose to just go for it and made it happen. We knew the universe would provide. We trusted and had faith. Not everyone believed in our ideas or in our shop, but we did and that is enough. 

Any word of advice? 

"Learn from your past and focus on your future. It's all about focusing on the future. Believe in the things that you want to happen" ~Alberto Abarca, Gemz and Boardz owner

"You can do anything you set your mind to. Think about it, picture it, and envision it happening and it will happen. But you have to put in a lot of work and sometimes sacrifices of material things. Do everything with a kind heart and do the right thing even when it's hard. Try to always be your best self. Be someone future you will be proud of" ~Leslie Garcia, Gemz and Boardz owner


At Gemz and Boardz We share a love for crystals and skateboards. We are a place where artists can come together and share their creations. At Gemz and Boardz there are no limits. We hope to see you there! Artists are always welcomed.