Host a workshop

Host your own workshop or class at our shop! Chicago Crystal Shop! 
We are located at 3101 W Montrose Ave Chicago, IL 60618 
Welcome! We are opening up our space to you all! Need an event space in Chicago? We have hosted art classes, crystal jewelry  workshops, sip and paints, meditations, crystal healing, workout classes. We are open to almost anything! Have an idea? Put it to work. 
Our hourly fee is $25. This is for 1-4 hour workshop/ classes. 
How does it work?
You apply if you are interested and if date is available you will be contacted. You will need to pay in full to secure your spot. 
You can choose how many people you want to have. Our past classes have been 10-20 students. You can also choose your rates and can keep all profits. It is your responsibility to fill your class. It is not our responsibility to fill your class, we will only be providing a space. However, we will be sharing it on our calendar on our website , social medias, and posting at the shop to let our customers know. 
We encourage you to come check out the space before applying. 
Please contact us with any questions. 
Please note shop will be open to the public during your workshop.  If you need privacy we are open to extending our hours prior or after closing. Please include in the note section. 
If you want to host your own class or work shop, please fill out the form below: 
Click Link below to apply:


Thank you